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Generations of Cattle Farmers

What Matters to Us

Raising healthy cattle and producing pristine meat is our passion. We care what goes into our cattle and we care about the quality of meat you bring into your home.

We strive to inform people on the benefits of grass finished beef for: the cattle, the consumer and the environment. 

We keep it natural - the way it should be. 

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What We Offer

Pasture Raised

With Rotational Grazing

Hormone & Antibiotic Free

Grass Fed


Grass Finished

Our cattle are raised on family farms with plenty of room to graze and are rotated strategically to insure they are always getting the best grass. Our cattle are never given anything that is not grass fed classified, resulting in both a lean & healthy meat. They are truly Grass Fed & Grass Finished; we are very proud of our cattle.

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