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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Grass Fed  and Grass Finsihed?
    Grass Fed beef simply means the cow has ate grass at some point in their life but were also fed other products, such as grain, corn, fillers, etc. Grass Finished insures the cattle only had grass and grass products from start to finish, nothing else.
  • Why Grass Finished Beef?
    We 100% support all farmers, grain fed or grass finished. However, we are very proud of our product, our cattle and our farms. Grass fed and finished cattle have many benefits, for not only their beef, but the enviornment as well (you can read more about the enviornment benefits under the 'Our Cattle' tab). Grass finished beef simply supports the old phrase "You are what you eat!" Why wouldn't you want to eat the most natural, healthy meat you can?
  • Do Grain Fed and Grass Finished taste the same?
    No, grain fed and grass finished have very different tastes as well as looks. Grain, corn and corn-by-products cause the meat to have more marbling and a sweeter finish. Grass Finished is a lean, vitmain dense meat with healthy fats and proper Omega-3 to factty acid ratios. No preservatives, no fillers- just grass.
  • What type of Cattle are raised?
    We raise and breed South Poll cattle. South Poll cattle are a mixture of Baronza with Hereford, Senepol and Red Angus. This breed was created by Teddy Gentry as a passion to create a breed with a moderate frame, gentle disposition, high heat tolerance, fertility, longetivy and tender meat. South Poll Cattle are bred to have more pounds of quality beef per acre off of grass (
  • How do I place an order?
    We take direct orders via email or direct messaging on social media. Scheduled pick up is available. We will soon be offering deliveries, so stay tuned!
  • Do you sell cattle too or only meat?
    One of our local farms, Grier Farms, sells bulls and cows. You can email for more information!
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