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Our Cattle

Rotational Grazing and Why it Matters:

What is Rotational Grazing?

-Rotational Grazing refers to the cattle only being on part of the pasture at one time. The pasture is sectioned off, or divided into "paddocks."

-The cattle graze on one paddock, or section, at a time. The time they are on one paddock varies, but they are only on it until they eat the grass down.

-Cattle only being on one paddock at a time allows for the other sections of pasture to rest, recover and grow back. 

-This benefits the cattle, the grass and the environment.

Why does Rotational Grazing Matter?

-Allowing the grass to rest and recover means that the grass has time to grow back and offer optimal nutrients to the cattle as well as the soil. 

-This also prevents continuous grazing and/or overgrazing, which allows the cattle not to eat too far down and disturb the stored carbon in the soil.


-"Rotational Grazing allows cows to get the nutrients they need and maintains the health of the grass and soil over the long term, all while keeping carbon in the ground instead of releasing it into the atmosphere." (


-Rotational Grazing also allows for improved air quality, more variety of plants, lack of weeds, improved soil structure and less soil erosion; the benefits seem endless.

-In this process, Nutrients can be recycled several times during the growing season.

Improved grazing = improved soil quality. 


-Furthermore, rotational grazing leads to more evenly distributed manure. This may not seem like a big effect, but this allows for recycled nutrients, healthier soil and better quality grass/plants.


-A well treated pasture results in higher a quality pasture, longer benefits of the pasture and in this case, healthier cattle.

South Poll Cattle

What are South Poll Cattle?

-South Poll Cattle are a breed combined of Barzona, Hereford and Senepol with Red Angus. 

-South Poll were bred to create cattle with many benefits, including: Moderate frames, gentles dispositions, have a higher heat tolerance, higher longevity and fertility, easy fleshing of grass, easy calving and more tender meat. 


All of the above is true of our herd. We are very proud of how our cattle look, how they act and the meat they produce.

Here are some of our cattle!
Herd at Toms.jpg
Re do Marshfield Cow.jpg
farm 27.jpg
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cow 6_edited.png
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